Hi, I'm Naya Moss 👋🏾! 

This is my personal newsletter. Something new. This is for family, friends, colleagues - those who believe in me, my mission, my businesses and enjoys seeing my life's progress. 

What's in this newsletter? Updates of my life including:
  • Personal life lessons
  • Life metrics: time, money, and biz management 
  • Company status and updates
  • Notes on what I'm currently reading
  • Notes on what I'm currently learning (courses etc)
  • Next quarter goals
Does this sound similar to an investor summary? It's not. This is a CHAMPION SUMMARY*!

Thank you for supporting and believing in me! 

✨Namos Labs by Naya Moss, a collective of projects and companies owned by Naya Moss.

My champions differ from investors, therefore clarifying this newsletter is different from an investor survey. This email list is for individuals who have gifted or loaned $50-200+ with the well intent of wanting to show support to help me succeed in my endeavors. It will have insights on how I am best utilizing gifted and loaned money on personal and business operational expenses. 
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